partacasa • natural birthcare

»Birth should be a woman’s most dignified hour.«
(P. Valley)

Only when birth happens naturally you can experience the true wonder of nature, only then the true mystery of birth can be unfold. Birth becomes a celebration. Children who are welcomed with love have the opportunity to fill our lives with hope for the future.

Der Baum des Lebens

Each female body has an elemental force of nature within it and therefore it holds the trust and power to give life to another being with or without help.

As a midwife my task is to accompany the expecting mother, and in doing so, I encourage her to find these powers in herself and strengthen them, by offering help when she needs it. I give her the space that she can channel these powers in her own individual way, in her own time, in her chosen place, in the company of her closest people and in a calm atmosphere to give her the courage to bring her child into the light of day.

Each child has the right to be born into a world surrounded by love and peace!

I have chosen the Celtic tree of life as the symbol for my work. The Celtic tree of life stands for hope for a successful future, healthy growth and a generally good well-being. The roots are connected to mother earth and symbolise substance, the crown is growing to the sky and stands for the mind. The branches of the tree represent the spiritual world and stand for the families, their connection and growth.