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Assistance by turning a breech presentation

When a baby has its head facing upwards in the last month of the pregnancy, it is a so called breech presentation. There are various methods of encouraging the child to turn.

This means that the unborn baby has not moved its position to the normal birthing position where the head is facing the birth canal and the feet are under the ribcage. This position is not a definite reason that the baby needs to be retrieved using a caesarean section, despite many doctors saying otherwise.
Many children are born from a breech presentation without any complications.

It is however ideal if the child turns between the 35-37th week of pregnancy to its cerebral position, this reduces the stress levels during birth for both mother and child alike, and makes the chance of a natural birth higher.

Should you have this »problem« you can always turn to your midwife.
In our initial personal conversations we will discuss in depth what the right way is for you and your child. One way to encourage the child to turn, is with natural methods that help the child to turn its head downwards on its own.

There are various methods including:
  • Special movements (knee to elbow position)
  • Acupuncture (moxibustion)
  • Breathing techniques
  • Homeopathy


Not all children react to these subtle encouragements,
but 50-60 per cent do –
making it definitely worth the try!