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Home births

In the nine months we spend in to womb of our mothers the basis of who we are and what we will become is already determined.

How much influence the time before our birth has on us has been proven through psychological and medical research time and time again.
The unborn child already takes part in the environment around him. Taking this into concern it is clear that the moment of birth has a level of importance that is undeniable and how the child greets the light of the world for the first time and how he or she is welcomed into our world has significance for the rest of our existence.

For a new born child this experience is vital, how loving and peaceful or how violent and filled with fear it is welcomed into the world has a big effect.

When one decides for a home birth it is possible to create a quiet and loving place for the birth. The birth comes at the end of a long process; it begins with the wish for a child, then the conception, the time of pregnancy and then comes the mighty act of birthing and being born at the pinnacle of the experience.
Not only is a child born, but parents too are born.

Birth belongs to the most important experiences in the life of a person. It is an experience that is extraordinary and is at the same time the most natural of all experiences. Couples and women look for the perfect place to give birth to honour this important act.

If you decide for a home birth, you decide for an experience where you hold the reins, and can carry a certain level of responsibility and autonomy in a familiar environment with the help of your trusted midwife at your side.

In the time of pregnancy a personal and unwavering relationship is built up between the expecting mother and the midwife. There is enough time to build up a level of trust and empathy enabling effective guidance for the mother to be.

Home birth care has the same basis as normal birth care, but with the added benefits that the process of the birth can have a level of self-regulation where as little as possible is tampered with and the process can stay as natural as possible.
The vulnerability one can show in one’s own home is one that goes hand in hand with trust, and security that support the natural instincts involved with birthing.

As a home birth midwife I guide you emotionally, personally and medically. My main task is to give you the confidence, security, encouragement and comfort.
In a birthing clinic or hospital there are many disadvantages. Due to the number of patients and the lack of midwives one often has to share ones midwife with many others. Medication like pain killers and anaesthetics are used without much hesitation or alternative methods in uncomplicated birthing situations.

At home you do not need to share your midwife, my task is to intuitively offer the best solution in the birthing process and to support you, finding the best possible position, or movement, the most effective way of breathing, and the choice of, for example, a water birth or giving birth out of water.

Should you need any further assistance there are many methods that can be used from natural to homeopathic remedies or acupuncture. Depending on the situation one can choose different methods.

My main aim is to keep both mother and child healthy, to monitor the child’s health I listen to the heartbeat of the child at various intervals to determine the wellbeing of the child. I bring my emergency kit to each birth, for example an oxygen machine, drips and emergency medication are always there. Through the continuous presence and support of a midwife a high level of safety is upheld.

Birth is a very intimate experience; the mother should be able to decide who is present at the time of birth. Home births are very individual and family orientated, it can become an experience where each member of the family is involved.

Pregnancy and birth is a natural process in the life of a woman that bring much change with it. One is joyful and often at the same time insecure. Women throughout time have had the power within them to cope with all the changes this phase brings with them. To cope one need to use ones heart, ones intellect and one’s body. In this phase no one is more of an expert than the woman herself in the field of giving birth.

The advantages of a home birth are evident: continuous one to one care from a trusted midwife, no change in people during the birth, heartbeat monitoring with modern techniques of if wished for using a wooden stethoscope, all the time in the world, peace, intimacy, a familiar atmosphere, autonomy and support all at the same time. According to the world health organisation (WHO) the level of safety in a hospital or a home birth is the same.

Sometimes it’s necessary to interrupt a home birth and due to problems to seek further medical expertise. In these situations we would travel together to the clinic, the majority of relocations during the birthing process can happen in a calm relaxed manner and the necessary allopathic medical assistance can be reached without stress or too much worry.

Should you be interested in a home birth or even just be playing with the idea, do not hesitate to contact me and arrange a meeting. In a personal conversation it is possible to individually look at your needs and answer any questions you may have. We will address your personally situation and look for a tailor made solution.

I look forward to hearing from you!