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The supervision of miscarriages and stillbirths

A certain per cent of all pregnancies end in so called miscarriages. A miscarriage is when the embryo hasn’t properly docked in the womb and doesn’t develop how it should; instead it dies, detaches itself from the womb and is ejected by the body.

An indication for a miscarriage is vaginal bleeding, sometimes one finds out the embryo has died during routine check-ups, when the heartbeat is no longer to be heard, or if the embryo stops developing.

Also in the case of a pregnancy tainted with tragedy you have the opportunity to have me at your side. I can supervise a miscarriage in your own home.

I offer support and compassion in the difficult phase of aborting the miscarried, and accompany you in processing the experience afterwards.

In very few cases one needs operative cervical scraping and needs to be sent to a hospital.