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Water birth

Also a birth in water is possible within your own four walls.

I can provide a portable, inflatable birthing pool with a capacity of 600 litres of water and all necessary extras (hoses, submerging pumps etc.). This pool is easy to transport using a normal sized car and set up in a very short space of time.

A birth that happens in deep warm water has many advantages for mother and child.

The pains of the contractions are reduced and often easier to cope with. Both mother and child are more relaxed. The woman can feel her way into the birthing process better by »diving into the thunderous wave of the birth«.

The birth canal, vaginal and pelvic regions are more relaxed and flexible due to the surrounding warm water and the child can exit the womb easier as a result. For the baby it is the gentlest way to be born, leaving the warm watery womb and entering the warmth of birthing pool.

For some women a water birth is not the right option, some women need a firm ground beneath their feet. I bring a birthing stool to each birth.

How and where one gives birth is up to each woman individually.