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Check-ups during the pregnancy

You can rely of my care already during the pregnancy.

This includes:
  • Personal conversations – I will enquire about your lifestyle and job situation; consultation on topics like nutrition, movement and relaxation; I will give tips on what you need to lookout for to optimise your health and that of your unborn child.

  • Determination of gestational age and the expected due date

  • Determination of the position of the baby in the womb, and the growth through palpation and measurement of the belly.

  • Listening to the heartbeat with a stethoscope or ultrasound through the abdominal wall

  • Measurement of blood pressure

  • Blood tests for all necessary serological check-ups

  • Vaginal check-up when necessary

  • Smear tests when necessary

  • Urine tests

  • Early recognition of problems in the pregnancy and treatment (where possible I work with natural or homeopathic remedies)

  • Early recognition of deviation from a normal pregnancy and referral to gynaecologist and other medical experts when needed

I do not practice using ultrasound imagery and prenatal diagnostic.

Generally speaking I do all check-ups and tests in the comfort of your own home. At home in a familiar atmosphere it is more relaxed and easier for us to get to know each other. Another important aspect is that it helps to prepare siblings for the new family member if they are involved with the process as much as possible.
My wish is that you can fully enjoy the pregnancy and that it is a time of hope and happiness. I will have time for you and I will look forward to your new born child with you!

I will do check-ups in your home. Blood and urine tests, measuring blood pressure, I will see to your wellbeing, and should it vanish I will help you find it again, I will feel your belly with my hands and determine how the child is lying in the womb and how big it is, I will determine if the development coincides with the norm for the term it is in and I will listen to the heartbeat of the baby, or we can listen together.