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Bed rest care:

The end of the birth is the beginning of a time bed rest and rejuvenation.
Our hormones make our body adapt from the pregnancy phase to the breastfeeding phase. When the milk ducts begin to produce milk the body starts to rejuvenate itself.

On a mental level this is a challenging time for the new mother and father. The time of birth marks a time of change, life will never be the same as it was, and one needs time to adjust. This is especially true for first time parents. The parents experience a deep sense of happiness and pride for their new born child but also tiredness and disheartedness.

So that one can manage to cope with this time of change it is very important to plan the time during the bed rest phase in advance. That means, that the mother needs to be released from all her normal duties for one or two weeks, that she is cared for enabling her to dedicate herself entirely to her baby.

The father should also take time of work for this beautiful but turbulent time. Friends and family who are willing to help with supporting the new family should be »booked« well in advance.

My help will of course continue after the birth.

As an experienced midwife and mother, I will observe the physiological rejuvenation of your body, the milk production, and the development of the child. I will support you with breastfeeding or with any questions regarding nutrition and care of the new born child. I will also do the required serological check-ups for both the mother and the child.

Should any problems occur I will help to reduce them as fast and as naturally as possible. I can visit you as often and long as you wish for.

Breast feeding assistance and advice:

I can assist you from the first moment after the birth till the time comes to introduce new types of food; I can help you throughout the time of breastfeeding and answer all of your questions regarding the nutrition of your baby.